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Sanilac County Child Advocacy Center

The Sanilac County Child Advocacy Center was established in November of 2013 as a community based, child-focused and child-friendly facility where representatives from many disciplines meet to discuss and make decisions about investigation, treatment and prosecution of child abuse cases. The primary goal of all CACs is to ensure that children are not further victimized by the intervention systems designed to protect them.


Since then we have grown by leaps and bounds. At the end of 2015 we became accredited through the National Children's Alliance which is a professional membership organization dedicated to helping local communities respond to allegations of child abuse in ways that are effective and efficient - and put the needs of child victims first.

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Sanilac County Child Abuse Prevention Council

For over 32 years the Sanilac Count Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) has made it our mission to promote the Safe and Healthy Development of Children and Families through Community Education and Enrichment.


We are a training, education, and resource center dedicated to protecting children and building healthy families. Located in Sandusky, Michigan, we support and sponsor many different county partners. Each partner takes a different but complementary approach to preventing child abuse by providing an array of programs to build strong families and keep children safe.

Together, our good work is making a difference.

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Eva's Place Shelter

Eva's Place is Sanilac County's only emergency residential shelter program. Eva's Place provides a safe supportive environment for victims and their children fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault or homelessness. 

At Eva's Place the staff helps to identify options, offers hope of a safe secure life, and provides opportunities to facilitate change. Eva's Place offers support services; education, counseling and advocacy for clients to assist them in becoming independent and self-sufficient. At Eva's Place our motto is to offer a hand up, not a hand out.


As clients become independent, build their self-confidence, and realize they are the force that created the change for the better, they realize they are empowered and successful!

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